X-Gloo: Your Event Tent UK

An X-Gloo is definitively your event tent. Its impressive structure and size can be outfitted with any design or brand, ensuring that no matter where you set your event tent up you’ll be noticed. “Event Tent UK” – what describes the best event tent in the country? Are you using a gazebo or tent to cover your stand indoors, or pitching something that looks like an old sunshade? What about if you exchanged that dour piece of event equipment for one that dazzles your customers?

Whether you’re opting for the ultra-portable 4×4 or the monster 8×8 X-Gloo, you can be sure that you’ll be instantly noticed. Display your brand like no other with a tent that can be packed away into something that can fit into a rucksack.

When you’re travelling around the country, trying to set up multiple small-scale stands on high streets, corners and town squares the X-Gloo will be your secret weapon. Simply park up, unpack and inflate – you’ll be ready in a matter of minutes. No struggling with anchoring points, poles or canopies.

You’ll also have no trouble with the elements, too. X-Gloos have been tested to prove their security and stability in high winds, as well as been proven to be fire retardant and water resistant. No matter the weather the X-Gloo event tent UK will take the strain and perform.

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