X-Gloo UK: Your Exclusive X-Gloo Supplier

If you’re looking for a striking inflatable event tent with an iconic shape then you should look no further than X-Gloo UK. Offering limitless branding potential and combining the best German engineering with award-winning UK service, X-Gloo UK is your exclusive supplier for the X-Gloo event tent in the United Kingdom.

X-Gloo UK is operated through Total Displays, a five-star rated company operating out of Peterborough. Not only does Total Displays guarantee that it will achieve all three, but exceed them. The company aims to provide the best display, print and exhibition solutions to any customer, regardless of size, budget or ambition. This naturally extends to the excellent X-Gloo event tent range.

The company is so focused on providing the customer with its award-winning service that it holds a three point guarantee at the heart of everything it does: 1) outstanding service 2) highest quality and 3) best value.

X-Gloo UK has an excellent sales team structured to ensure that each quote is personally handled from inception to completion. Not only that, the company’s in-house machinery creates the highest quality graphics and media. Everything Total Displays produces is also packed in with industry-leading warranties.

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