X-Gloo – The Inflatable Tent Great for On-The-Go

Do you love exhibiting and showing off your brand’s power at outdoor events but hate the parts at the start and the end where you need to spend ages setting up and dismantling?

With the X-Gloo there’s no need for any of that hassle. The X-Gloo inflatable event tent can be set up in as little as 15 minutes and even less when using an electric pump. Simply inflate the arms and watch it grow!

The portability and ease of set up of the X-Gloo means that you can take it almost anywhere – while its sized when packed away means that it can be fit into the back of a car or van. This makes the X-Gloo the ultimate in portable branding and why its coveted by big companies that want to show at multiples sites throughout the year.

Why not come into our showroom today to get a demonstration of what the X-Gloo can do for your brand?

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