X-Gloo Spring Sales Are Here!

To celebrate the coming of Spring and the return of the sun to much of the evening X-Gloo UK and Total Displays have decided to offer all potential customer an unbeatable set of deals.

The X-Gloo is the ultimate in brand projection, yet no matter how great your X-Gloo and hoe great your brand, you’re still going to struggle when the sun sets. Worry no more, as with every purchase of an X-Gloo* you’ll receive a free LED lighting kit worth up to £499.

The LED lighting kit will enable you to bathe your X-Gloo in light and illuminate your brand during those hours when the sunlight is fading. The light creates a beacon for customers and visitors and can result in a splay of stylish-looking colours on the surrounding area as the powerful LED beams catch the bright colours of an X-Gloo.

For more information on the offer and on the X-Gloo event tent, simply call our expert team on 0845 430 9092.

*Until April 30th 2015

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