X-Gloo Event Tent Inflates BBC Make it Digital Tour

BBC’s Make it Digital tour aims to help people, young and old, from getting into the digital world from programming to coding. The whistle-stop tour by the company attends 13 events in 15 weeks. When looking for an eye-catching way to display their brand where else would they look?

Make it Digital was supplied by two 6×6 X-Gloos which the company utilised to their full by pairing them together with eye-popping red branding. The portable nature of the X-Gloo event tent meant that they could be ste up and dismantled in rapid time – a crucial feature for the tour which needed to be ready to move on at a moment’s notice.

The X-Gloo event tent’s great shape and sci-fi look really helped to amplify the atmosphere at the Make it Digital events, where classic TV shows like Doctor Who were on display. People could be seen to be flocking to the tents, amazed at their construction and their cool design.

The BBC’s Make it Digital Event epitomised the nature of the X-Gloo: as a vector through which your brand can be communicated with utmost clarity and impact. Want to realise the potential of your brand? Give us a call.

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