The Event Tent and You: How an X-Gloo is perfect for Your Event

How many times do you go to an event and see the same old event tent – four poles, one canopy, and one pointed top. There are so many of these plain gazebo-style event tents that it’s almost embarrassing. Do you want to be part of that crowd?

Of course you don’t and that’s where an X-Gloo can be perfect for you. The distinctive shape of the X-Gloo makes it stand out almost immediately. In a row of same-looking gazebos and then one X-Gloo there will be only one event tent that attendees converge on.

The shape and design of the X-Gloo behoves a person to investigate it – combined with your brand’s colours and logos and you have a tool perfect for attracting people towards your stand. Not only that, but the X-Gloo can be set up in record time – you only need to inflate it. No more fiddling with poles, canopies and fabric.

The X-Gloo is a premium event tent and the quality in its design and materials are evident from moment one. X-Gloos are resilient, fire retardant and able to withstand all but the highest winds when properly anchored. The X-Gloo is also a modular structure that requires no anchoring lines or guy ropes – set up your X-Gloo event tent without worrying that visitors will trip and fall.

When you consider the competition the X-Gloo is the obvious choice of event tent. Unlock the potential of your brand today.

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