Inflatable Tents for Events – How the X-Gloo Makes a Good Event Great

Inflatable tents for events come in many shapes and sizes. From the small bouncy castle-style gazebos to massive arenas. You’re sure to find one that can fit in almost any situation.

There aren’t many inflatable tents for events, however, that come with the inherent style of the X-Gloo. Designed with the iconic shape of the igloo in mind, the X-Gloo offers the ultimate in portable brandability. Would you rather purchase a huge inflatable barn (as impressive as that is) at great cost just to have your company name above all the rest or set up a manoeuvrable, easy to set up tent in key positions?

With an X-Gloo, your company will be able to turn up to an event, unpack and inflate in record time. Need to set up on that busy high street junction? A 4×4 X-Gloo can be inflated in under ten minutes and be ready to go straightaway.

Packed into a rucksack, an X-Gloo is the ultimate in portability, other inflatable tents for events just don’t cut it when it comes to setup and teardown time. No need for fans and lorries with an X-Gloo, each of them can fit into the back or boot of a car and be ready to move in no time.

Next time you’re looking at inflatable tents for events, look no further than the X-Gloo, supplied exclusively by Total Displays.

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