XGLOO XD Inflatable Event Tents: Improved Design

The XGLOO inflatable event tent has been redesigned for an improved look and user experience.

The new XD series is available in the 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6 tent sizes. The XGLOO XD has been developed by a team of German engineers to enhance the overall look of the tent, but to also increase the usability.

The biggest change is the brand new one-pump system which allows you to inflate the entire tent matrix using just one valve.

New one-pump inflation system

One of the biggest benefits of the XGLOO is its easy assembly, but the new XD series means building the XGLOO couldn’t be more effortless.

You no longer need to inflate each leg separately, simply insert the electric pump into the central valve and watch as all four legs evenly fill with air at the same time.

This inflation system decreases assembly time and means you don’t need to worry about propping each leg up one at a time. This is particularly useful for the larger XGLOO tents.

The one pump inflation system has been specially developed with a return valve which means that if one leg deflates, the other three will not lose air as a consequence; meaning your tent won’t collapse should the worst happen.

In addition to the new one-pump system, the XGLOO XD now also features reinforced stabilising feet which slightly elevate the tent off the ground and keep the print free from dirt.

Reinforced stabilising feet

The XGLOO was always designed for use outdoors and on rugged terrain, and whilst the materials used are exceptionally durable, pale print colours still show marks.

You longer need to worry about your light coloured legs being stained from sand, grass or mud – the reinforced stabilising feet will protect the bottom of the legs by keeping the fabric above ground level.

The reinforced stabilising feet also make anchoring the tent down easier than ever, allowing your tent to safely withstand winds and adverse weather conditions at outdoor events.

As well as all this, the XGLOO XD range offers 35% more roof area for increased brand enhancement – allowing you to really make the most of your tent. This means you have more surface area to effectively promote your business and showcase your eye catching design at a range of exhibitions indoors or outdoors.

Although there is more branding space, the XD XGLOO remains highly portable. It packs down into the supplied backpack and can be transported in any car or by foot.

XGLOO XD carry bag

These three design changes have not compromised on the modular aspect of the X-gloo inflatable event tents. The XD series retains its unique block building system so you can freely link multiple tents by easily attaching linking tunnels.

You can fully customise your X-gloo event tent as before with printed walls and increase your brand exposure further.

We are offering 10% off all XLOO XD branded event tents, so now is the perfect time to invest!

If you’re in the UK, contact XL Displays to find out more about the new XD series, X-gloo accessories and to order yours. Alternatively, call 01733 511030.