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X-Gloo: The Brilliant Backpack-Bound Inflatable Event Tent

The tradeshow hall is heaving with people. Everywhere exhibitors are rushing to and fro, trying to desperately attach magnetic strips to stands and ensure that graphics are hung properly. You walk past all of this hustle and bustle to your allotted space, take off your X-Gloo backpack and begin.

Within minutes the inflatable event tent is fully inflated and all of the attention is on you and your brand. After slight adjustments and attaching your side walls you’re suddenly ready to go – in a fraction of the time of your competitors. People aren’t just looking because you’ve set up in minimal time, however, they’re looking because of the incredible event tent that has emerged out of nowhere.

“This is the well know effect that occurs among onlookers whenever an X-Gloo is set up,” says Director of Marketing at X-Gloo, Everhard Uphoff.

The award winning X-Gloo inflatable event tent isn’t just a looker, though. Made from quality materials that mean it’s fire resistant, water proof and stable in high winds, the X-Gloo can be relied upon in almost any conditions.

The X-Gloo is also completely customisable and brand-ready. “The outer walls can be designed according to the wishes of the client,” explains Uphoff. “From the lettering all the way to almost any colour combination. High resolution digital printing, screen printing or sewn applications make practically anything possible.”

The X-Gloo inflatable event tent has been designed as a high-end tent available quickly for use. From the zippers to the side walls, everything has been designed with the users’ end experience in mind. “It is our mission to make using the tent as pleasant as possible,” says Uphoff. “Individual client solutions are of the utmost important.”

X-Gloo tents can come in sizes ranging from 4×4 to 8×8 metres square, showcasing the extreme range of variability that’s available to the customer. Customer will, too, be able to customise their tents with extra canopies, tunnels, lights, tables, walls and doors. Each X-Gloo event tent, in the hands of their company, is unique. One thing is uniform, though, and that is the fact that at any event, indoor or outdoor, the X-Gloo will leave the competition in the dust.

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