X-GLOO Canopies Extend Your Branded Space by up to 300%

X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents

The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is the perfect event solution for any business looking to maximise their brand potential and stand out. Suitable for use at indoor and outdoor events, the X-GLOO event tent is designed after the iconic igloo shape and offers limitless customisation and brand potential.

Effortlessly inflated in just 5 minutes, the X-GLOO is a large event tent which can be anchored on both hard or soft ground. We have a variety of anchoring solutions which are available with our most popular and heaviest options being the water barrel ballasts. Setting up the X-GLOO is as simple as unpacking the tent, inflating it with either the hand pump provided or an electric pump and then securing it to the ground.

The futuristic design of the X-GLOO means that it stands out and demands attention at any event giving you the competitive edge over brands that use traditional gazebos, standard inflatable tents and marquees.

High Quality

Black Outdoor Event Tents

X-GLOO inflatable event tents are manufactured to be lightweight, highly portable and of the highest quality. Our tents are perfect for use in most environments due to them being waterproof, fire retardant (B1 Certified), stable in winds up to 60km/h when properly tensioned. They also have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of over 50 to protect both your staff and visitors at sunny locations.

Traditionally, the X-GLOO has primarily been used as a short-term solution for trade shows or marketing events, however, a long-term outdoor test proved that the X-GLOO tent can also easily stand up to tough weather conditions for extended periods of time.

Suitable for a wide range of outdoor events and exhibitions, the X-GLOO inflatable event tent has been tested to withstand use in all weather and can provide useful shelter from harsh environments such as sand, snow, heat, and cold. Due to their lightweight inflatable form, they can eve be placed on water for events such as triathlon, boat races and other water sporting activities.


Shimano Branded X-GLOO Corporate Event Tents

German design and engineering have meant that X-GLOO won the prestigious Red Dot Design award due to its quality, functionality, designs and usability.

A wide range of accessories is available for the X-GLOO which enables you to tailor the inflatable exhibition tent to each event. Walls, linking tunnels and canopies are available

An optional LED Lighting Kit is available which allows you to showcase the X-GLOOs design and stand out among the crowd in low light environments such as evening parties or functions. The LED exhibition light is simple to transport and can be attached to the centre of the roof with a strap. The cable can be hidden between the roof and the tubes for a more professional appearance.

Almost all components of the event tent are available in a choice of 7 plain colours, or they can be custom printed enabling you to turn the X-GLOO into an attention-grabbing marketing tool, branded with your colours and design.


The complete range of event tents are lightweight and portable with the 3×3 X-GLOO inflatable event tent weighs just 8.32kg. Thanks to the aerodynamic form, high-tech materials, and clever stabilisation system, it is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use. Each tent comes supplied in a surprisingly small rucksack style bag which allows for easy storage and transportation.

In addition to this, we also supply an optional trolley bag which features wheels to enable easier transportation. For the 8×8 event tent, the Aluminium Carry Case is required which helps to protect your event tent while your travelling.

Quick Setup

Thanks to the individual 4 tube design of the X-GLOO dome tent and the location of the inflation valves, it can be set up in as little as 5 minutes by just one person. The inflatable structure does not require constant airflow and only require each leg to be fully inflated to provide a stable tent which can be used for multiple days.

We supply each event tent with a hand pump and offer a range of electric pumps which speed up the inflation process. The turbo pump can be used in conjunction with a car battery wallowing you to easily inflate your X-GLOO event tent in remote locations where electricity is not available.

In the unlikely event that your X-GLOO inflatable event tent becomes damaged or punctured, the affected tube leg can easily be removed for repair. Each X-GLOO matrix legs are separate and can be individually unclipped from the central anchoring point meaning the whole event tent won’t deflate if you get a puncture as other inflatable tents would.

German Engineering and Design

Quality German engineering is immediately apparent with many hours of time and resources invested in testing and developing the right fabric for the inflatable structure. X-GLOO has been tested in a professional wind tunnel to guarantee stability in winds up to 60km/h.

The hardwearing dacron material is strong and durable and features very low stretch qualities providing an ultra-stable event tent.

Range of Sizes Available

X-GLOO tents are available in a range of sizes including 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8. The 3×3 tent provides 9sqm of floor space whilst the 8×8 large event tent provides an impressive 61.6sqm of floor space, plenty of room for brands to showcase their products.

Block Building System

X-GLOO corporate event tents are available with a wide selection of accessories that can be used to expand and build upon the tent matrix.  These include optional walls, window walls, canopies and linking tunnels which allow you to link multiple X-GLOO event tents together, even different sizes.

The X-GLOO canopy accessories are also available with a canopy banner at the top which is fully branded and custom printed with your logos, text and artwork.

Each accessory features high-quality YKK zippers which enable you to choose to show your branded walls on the inside or outside allowing you to change your marketing message mid-event should you need to.

X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents Block Building System

The unique block building system allows you to grow your X-GLOO as your business grows by adding new components and even multiple X-GLOO event tents to create a tent city! You can also easily change your marketing message by rebranding accessories meaning you don’t have to buy a new event tent each time.

The roof and tubes which make up the tent matrix can also be removed and replaced with ease. The tubes can be removed individually allowing you to swap them out for different branding or repair them easily.

Almost all of the elements can be custom printed with your artwork, text and logo’s allowing for maximum brand exposure during events.

For more information on the X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents, please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.