X-GLOO Branded Event Tent

X-Gloo Gets Kindergarten Stress Test

They say you should never work with children, yet the team behind X-Gloo has decided that the best way to test their fantastic event tent is to do just that. Long-term testing is being carried out on a 5x5m X-Gloo event tent in Übersee, Bavaria.

The tent has been set up since October 2014 and is being used by a Kindergarten for their field trips into the Alpine forests nearby. The X-Gloo will be tested for signs of wear and tear that can often afflict event tent after long periods of use. The tent’s famous stability, materials and flexibility will be under scrutiny, as will its waterproofness and UV resistance.

What prompted this change in use? Usually X-Gloo tents are designed to be used as a short-term solution for trade shows and events. During a recent cave rescue operation in Bavaria an X-Gloo tent was chosen to be used, showing that the event tent can stand up to tough weather conditions for extended periods of time.

A 5x5m X-Gloo provides around 25m of protection from wind, rain and UV radiation. When side walls are attached the tent manages to stay warm and dry for all of the kindergarten children. 22 children use the tent for play, lunch and lessons daily.

“Before we introduce a new accessory, element or material, it’s important for us to see how it holds up when the X-Gloo is set up o0ver long periods of time,” Everhard Uphoff, head of marketing at X-Gloo, said. “Naturally we could just test the tent at our headquarters, but we get even more convincing results when it’s tested under active use.”

“The X-Gloo provides a great shelter from the wind and weather,” added Ursula Kern, project initiator and director of The Root of the Children Association in Germany. “The lightweight pack and quick and easy setup make it so comfortable to bring with us, wherever we decide to go.

“So the X-Gloo comes with us for weeks at a time, keeping the children warm and protected regardless of the season or weather.”

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