Why You Need an X GLOO for Your Next Networking Event

Networking is the most effective way to meet the people in your industry who matter.

Face to face interaction is the most preferred method of communication when it comes to business; meaning that even though networking events have a reputation of a bit awkward, they’re worth their weight in salt.

As with any other type of event or exhibition, networking requires a little bit of thought, time and effort if it’s going to be done well.

In the midst of preparing for a corporate event, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your exhibition stand.

X-GLOO Corporate Event Tents

The temptation for most businesses to invest in a build and burn stand. These types of displays require minimum effort and provide maximum impact at the venue – but they also cost a LOT.

The major drawback is that build and burn stands are custom built to a specific space, making them obsolete in terms of maximising your investment.

Given that the vast majority of networking events are primarily B2B events and not B2C events, build and burn displays can end up costing you more money that you’ll get back from attending your event.

Networking doesn’t have to be such a costly experience when you have the help of an X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent.

Taking mere minutes to assemble and packing down into a compact carry case, the X GLOO is big on size but very, very little on effort.

X-GLOO Inflatable Marquees Are Perfect For Creating Branded Event Spaces

Available in sizes ranging from 3m x 3m up to 8m x 8m, the XGLOO can offer you a huge 64sq/m of space for a fraction of the cost of a build and burn exhibition stand.

XGLOO outdoor displays are 100% custom made, which means you can get the bespoke look without the large price tag.

X GLOO tents allow you the flexibility to showcase your services or products at the same time as having business meetings thanks to their enhanced footprint.

Suitable for use both indoors or outdoors, the XGLOO can be taken with you to every networking event you attend – wherever in the world that may be.

Being large in stature means that the XGLOO is instantly seen – even from a distance. If that doesn’t impress people at your networking event, we don’t know what will.

XL Displays Awarded X-GLOO Platinum Selling Status

Networking can seem like a tedious task, but it can be hugely beneficial.

Make your next networking event a huge success with an X GLOO inflatable display tent.

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