Why Choose an X-GLOO Event Tent?

Inflatable event tents are fast becoming a go-to outdoor display solution for lots of exhibitors around the world, but in a market saturated with choice, why should you choose the X-Gloo?

Price is often the make or break factor when it comes to businesses investing in a display – and because the X-Gloo isn’t the cheapest option, it often gets ruled out before it’s had a chance to showcase its potential.

Looking beyond cost, here are five reasons why you should choose the X-GLOO inflatable event tent as your next outdoor display:

The original inflatable event tent

That’s right; the XGLOO is the original of all the inflatable event tents. It’s been around much longer than most of its competitors and is a pioneering brand in terms of event tent design and technology.

For 12 years, X-GLOO has dominated the outdoor exhibition market; so much so that it has inspired countless copycats.

All of the igloo-shaped inflatable tents you see today took their inspiration from the X-GLOO. That being said, none of them have quite managed to replicate the style or functionality of the X-Gloo.

For the best and most reliable results, always stick to the original.

Completely customisable

Other inflatable event tents might let you add a branded canopy or some printed walls, but the X-GLOO is the only one to provide a customised frame.

You don’t need to stick to a plain tent matrix and legs; with the X-Gloo, you can brand it all.

Fits into a backpack

Say goodbye to bad backs, achy arms and multiple trips back to the car when setting up for an exhibition when you purchase an XGLOO.

The largest size XGLOO is 8m x 8m, but even with a whopping 64 sq/m of space, the large format outdoor display can still fit into a backpack.

Once deflated, each leg on the frame can be rolled up the centre and slotted into the provided rucksack with ease.

German engineering

If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s German engineering. From cars to event tents, the German’s do it best.

The X-Gloo was never designed as an exhibition solution – it was intended to be a training, storage and shelter area for people at paragliding and kitesurfing events.

Sure enough, the engineers quickly realised how effective the X-Gloo could be in corporate marketing and they took it into the mainstream.

From there on it has gone from strength to strength, but it has never lost its roots.

That original engineering has made the X-Gloo one of the sturdiest and most agile inflatable display solutions in the corporate event word.

Built to last a lifetime

Stemming from the engineering precision that went into designing the tent, the X-Gloo was never intended to be a single-use display.

This is a tent that is built to last.

Premium materials are sourced. Every tent is handmade to order. No corners are cut.

It is this attention to detail that bumps up the price, but it is also this attention to detail that guarantees the X-Gloo will last longer than any other inflatable event tent available.

When buying an XGLOO, rest assured that you’re buying a display that will last a lifetime.

If you would like to any more information about the X-Gloo or to enquire further about this revolutionary display, please call our sales team on 01733 511030.