X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents

Where Can I Use My X GLOO?

It’s no secret that the X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is a global icon when it comes to durability and value for money; but have you ever wondered exactly what makes it so hardwearing and resilient?

It’s all down to ingenious engineering by the developers over at Skywalk – XGLOO’s parent company.

The team tested and refined the design of X GLOO using their knowledge of the paragliding and kitesurfing industry to create the world’s first fully weatherproof inflatable advertising structure.

Their continual development finally produced a tent that was ready for launch all over the world. What made X GLOO so popular was the fact it could indeed be used all over the world.

Don’t believe us? Look at the list below detailing where you can use your X GLOO inflatable tent:


X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents

Designed originally as an outdoor storage solution for paragliding and kitesurfing events, X GLOO was engineered with outdoor events in mind.

The unique block building system and nylon/polyester fabric blend are what makes X GLOO so durable.

With a wide range of anchoring solutions available, you can use X GLOO on almost any outdoor terrain.

Whether you’re exhibiting on a concrete slab in the hustle and bustle of a city or if you’ve got a large pitch on a grassy field, your X GLOO can be securely tied down with the appropriate anchoring system to remain stable and in place.

You can even take your X GLOO to the highest snowy peaks of Mount Everest or to the deepest depths of the Sahara Desert if that’s where your business is headed.

The XGLOO is expertly designed to stand tall on all terrains regardless of where in the world you are.


X-GLOO Corporate Event Tents

Just because the X GLOO was designed with the great outdoors in mind doesn’t mean that you can’t use it indoors too.

Use a water ballast or a tube ballast to keep your inflatable structure anchored down on indoor flooring; whether that’s hardwood laminate or soft, fluffy carpet.


X-GLOO 3x3 Event Tent With Side Walls

The wide range of terrains that the XGLOO display tent can be used on is a good indication of the weather it can withstand, but here’s a summary just in case:

The nylon/polyester blend fabric acts as a water repellent which makes X GLOO fully waterproof; even in the heaviest of rain.

The unique fabric and double-sealed seams also make X GLOO a good solution for exhibiting in snowy and icy conditions without incurring any damage.

The material used on X GLOO exhibition tents is UV resistant, so in the same way it can withstand sub-zero temperatures, the X GLOO can also square up to blistering heat in the hottest habitable climates.

To round it all off, your XGLOO will stand strong against gale force winds up to 60km/ph.

Whatever nature throws at you, the XGLOO inflatable advertising structure can match it.


Customised X-GLOO Inflatable Dome Tent

Now you know what types of terrain and weather your XGLOO can handle, it’s time to think about what types of events it might be suitable for. The short answer is everything (space permitting), but here are a few examples anyway: product launches, trade shows, business expos, festivals, fairs, sporting events, pop up shops, conventions…the list goes on and on!

For a marketing solution that will enhance your brand awareness, increase your industry influence and look good whilst doing do, invest in an X GLOO event tent. Not only will XGLOO market your business to a first-class quality; it will also provide practical shelter against adverse weather conditions whilst being equipped for a lifetime of use.

To find out more or to shop the range, visit our X GLOO Inflatable Structures page or call 01733 511030.