X-GLOO UK Exhibition Tents - Lightweight Portable

What Makes the X-GLOO a Premium Exhibition Display Solution?

The X-Gloo event tent is frequently referred to as the premium exhibition and display inflatable, but what exactly makes it so premium?

Curved Roof
The key to making any product the luxury option is space. The XGLOO has a curved, fabric roof. The rounded shape gives way to a high ceiling which, in turn, gives the illusion of more space (although that’s not so much an illusion as it is a reality given that the XGLOO comes in sizes up to 8m x 8m).

Whilst other inflatable event tents claim to be fully weatherproof, they weren’t designed in the way the XGLOO was. The XGLOO was intended to be a sports storage and congregation area – not an exhibition tent – and so the materials used on the display were suited to such. The benefit of that is a completely waterproof event tent thanks to the built-in zipper gutters, sealed seams and PU fabric coating.

Fire Retardant
In the same way the Xgloo is waterproof, it is fire resistant. The DIN 4102-1 and CPAI 84 safety ratings mean the XGLOO is certified UV resistant, flame retardant and suitable for outdoor use.

Other tents on the market are bulky and heavy, but not the XGLOO. The entire tent can fit into the specially designed backpack. There’s something about not having to lug a giant inflatable across an exhibition hall whilst incurring arm and backache that just feels premium.

No other inflatable event tent is modular; automatically making the XGLOO the number one choice. The refined zipper system allows you to easily attach and remove additional walls, canopies and linking tunnels to create a bespoke display solution tailored specifically to your brand and exhibition space.

The technology and innovation that has gone into developing the valves on the XGLOO are what makes it a cut above the rest. The red overpressure valves automatically open when the air bladders inside the legs are full, therefore easing the pressure on the user to know when to stop applying air. Not only this, the XGLOO has a sealed air system which eliminates the need for constant airflow throughout the duration of your event.

To find out more about why the XGLOO is a premium inflatable event tent and to see what else it can offer your brand, call our team on 01733 511030.