X-GLOO Event Tents Provide Height And Visibility For Your Brand

Using an X GLOO Inflatable Tent to Exhibit at a Sporting Event

Using XGLOO Whilst Exhibiting at a Sporting Event

Sporting events are one of the most lucrative types of exhibitions, making them a magnet for all types of businesses with a product or a service to offer the industry.

With steady footfalls and the potential to increase brand awareness immeasurably, attending a sporting event is a sure-fire way to create leads and boost revenue.

Like with any type of event or exhibition, perfecting your promotional display stand is vital if you are going to be in with a chance of attracting the attention and potentially the investment of the many visitors in attendance.

Sports events typically come with the luxury of larger exhibition spaces for exhibitors, meaning you have complete flexibility with the layout and the impact of your display stand.

Car and Automotive Events

One of the most popular types of sports event revolves around cars and automobiles. With a varying terrain and often the need to display large vehicles, car events can seem somewhat tricky to exhibit at.

The X GLOO inflatable event tent is ideal for this type of exhibition because of its large format size.

Available in 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6m x 6m and 8m x 8m, the interior of the XGLOO can display any sized automobile with space to spare.

Alternatively, many businesses opt to showcase vehicles outside of the tent and use the inside of the X GLOO as a meeting area to discuss and liaise with potential clients.

The enlarged size of the XGLOO allows for unlimited branding potential and the certainty that your display stand is the one that people will notice first.

Cycling Events

Whether you’re exhibiting in the heat at the finale of the Tour De France or if you’re setting up shop in the rainy Yorkshire Dales, the X GLOO can adjust to all types of climates.

The adaptable anchoring system and hardwearing design means that the X GLOO will remain secure in all four corners of the globe; something that is essential for a sport as diverse as cycling.

Like with automotive events, the X GLOO is ideal for housing different products inside or acting as a meeting area with the bicycles parked outside.

By adding a branded roof canopy, you are guaranteed to peak the interest of passers by and propel yourself to first place as the most successful exhibitor.

Snow Sports

The XGLOO is one of the few inflatable advertising structures that can confidently withstand sub-zero temperatures and the icy winds that come with it.

Whether you’re promoting a new range of skis or showcasing your bestselling thermal wear, the X GLOO is the only outdoor exhibition solution for the job.


No sporting event would be complete without an area for emergency services and first aiders. The XGLOO is perfect for acting as a temporary area for healthcare professionals to be easily accessible to those in need whilst storing essential first aid supplies.

In a likely manner, an area for athletes to go in and get a light refreshment is a necessity for sports events. By adding sofas or tables and chairs and maybe even a fridge or a mini bar you can create a welcoming and relaxing area for sports people to gather and take a well-earned rest after their event.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor exhibition solution to take to a kitesurfing event or if you need something a little sturdier for a snowboarding meet, the X GLOO inflatable event tent is up to the job.

If you’re interested in investing in an X GLOO display for your next sporting event, contact us or call 01733 511030 to find out more.