Radio Aire Fully Branded X-GLOO UK Event Tents

The XGLOO vs A Branded Gazebo

The XGLOO inflatable event tent might seem like a fancier version of a branded gazebo; and whilst the XGLOO and an outdoor gazebo both serve the same purpose – they are in fact two very different things.

Being so lightweight, the XGLOO can be transported between events and stored away much easier than a gazebo. This makes the XGLOO a much better option for businesses who frequently attend trade shows. 

Branded gazebos sold in the UK are usually made in the UK and therefore have a relatively short lead time.

Branded gazebos haven’t been majorly revamped or changed since they first entered the UK exhibition market – despite advances in technology and manufacturing. The thin metal frame on a gazebo makes it more susceptible to being blown away by winds any stronger than 18mph. This means there is a strong chance that unless it’s the height of summer, your gazebo won’t hold up at an outdoor event.

The XGLOO has a unique and highly durable anchoring system that allows it to withstand winds up to 37mph; making it more suited to events all year round.

Branded gazebos aren’t made for long term use, but the XGLOO is. You can take your XGLOO with you anywhere – from mountain peaks to desert islands. The same can’t be said for a flimsy gazebo.

Gazebo’s can’t be added to or modified, meaning what you see is what you get.

The X GLOO inflatable advertising structure has been engineered with adaptability in mind. The design is modular which means you can link multiple tents together effortlessly – allowing you to grow your display in line with your brand.

Overall, branded gazebos are great for a handful of uses in pleasant weather, but if you’re looking for a more permanent solution that will last you a lifetime, the XGLOO is worth the investment.