X-GLOO Event Tents Can Be Used on Almost Any Terrain

The History of X GLOO

X GLOO is known internationally as the original brand of inflatable event tents. Everyone in the event and exhibition industry knows the name X GLOO; it seems like it’s been around forever. However, it might come as a surprise to learn that XGLOO is only in its twelfth year of trading, making it a baby in comparison to other exhibition solutions.

Despite being in its infancy, X GLOO has made waves since its launch back in 2007 and has gone on to become a global leader in the corporate event industry. X GLOO is the original inflatable event tent and has inspired countless variations by different brands since its release.

X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent

The difference between the X GLOO and other types of inflatable exhibition tents is the quality. X GLOO is a branch of Skywalk, a company who specialise in aircraft manufacturing and are world leaders in the paragliding and kitesurfing industry. The people who developed X GLOO did so with exceptional prior knowledge on the most lightweight, durable and aerodynamic materials that would work for a tent thanks to their paragliding background which is yet another advantage XGLOO retains over its imitators.

X GLOO was never intended to be an international brand for events and exhibitions. It was originally designed as a training area, for storage and as a shelter for people at paragliding and kitesurfing events, but when the engineers realised how revolutionary it could be in corporate marketing, they took the XGLOO into the mainstream.

After a bit more tweaking and polishing, X GLOO was ready to make its debut. It was an instant hit. People just couldn’t get enough of it. Businesses everywhere wanted an X GLOO inflatable event tent for their next exhibition or event.

German engineering is renowned for being innovative and reliable, and the X GLOO is no different. Hailing from Germany with a team of talented developers behind it, X GLOO was always going to be a success.

The material is lightweight, assembly is effortless and the design is one that is both contemporary and functional. Based on the shape of an igloo, the tent is sturdy yet stylish and provides edge to edge marketing exposure for maximum brand impact.

X-GLOO 3x3 Inflatable Event Tent

The design was (and still is) so fresh and new that at the time of its launch, X GLOO won the Red Dot Design Award in 2008, just one year after its release.

X GLOO event tents aren’t just nice to look at; they are a feat of ingenious engineering and design. X GLOO is waterproof, fire retardant, UV resistant and can withstand high wind speeds, virtually any terrain type and all types of extreme weather. These qualities make this inflatable event tent the safest exhibition solution available.

The rapid growth of X GLOO has led to the brand acquiring 58 distribution partners worldwide; XL Displays being the main UK distributor. Other partners can be found in Japan, Chile, Australia, Finland, Canada and the United States, further demonstrating the worldwide impact XGLOO has had.

If you’re deciding whether an X GLOO is suitable for your business, maybe previous clients will help to sway your decision. Coca-Cola, Adidas, Reebok, Jaguar, Red Bull, Nike, Thule, GoPro and Landrover have all invested in X GLOO to promote their world-leading marketing campaigns.

The X GLOO range comprises of a comprehensive line of products. Designed to suit every brand and event, X GLOO has a variety of tents ranging in size from 3m x 3m through to 8m x 8m.

X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents Even Float on Water

Regardless of the size you choose, assembly remains easy and fast. Simply unpack the matrix and lay it flat on the floor. Inflate each section using the electric pump provided whilst ensuring that all air caps are fastened properly. Then, watch as the X GLOO inflates itself before your eyes with minimal effort from yourself.

You can customise your XGLOO using a range of accessories such as a canopy, a water barrel, an inflatable display wall or a double-sided tent wall. As an official distributor of X GLOO we stock the full range of tents and accessories, so whatever you choose, we can provide it.

If you’re looking for a marketing solution that can enhance your brand awareness, increase your industry influence and still look good, investing in an X GLOO event tent is your best option. Not only will it market your business; it will provide shelter against adverse weather conditions and provide you with years of use.

To find out more or to shop the range, visit our X GLOO page or call 01733 511030.