Our 5 Favourite XGLOO Designs

We don’t think it’s possible to make an X GLOO inflatable event tent look bad. The matrix itself is so sleek and modern – no matter what graphic design you go for it will always look good.

We’ve handpicked our five favourite XGLOO tent designs. Each one offers something different and takes a unique approach to adapting corporate branding onto a giant inflatable advertising structure.

1. Silent Pool Gin

X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents For Silent Pool Gin

What we like about this graphic design is the vivid colour scheme. The turquoise blue background contrasts against the gentle amber pattern overlay.

Normally, these two shades might clash – but given the gentleness and subtlety of the print, this XGLOO works a treat.

2. Cannondale

Cannondale’s X-GLOO design has been carefully thought out. From a distance, it seems rather simple; a plain black tent with a simple logo on the roof canopy banner.

However, this XGLOO has been carefully designed to contrast against the bright bicycles and fluorescent promotional flags. In addition, the window wall at the back of the tent provides some much needed light in an otherwise dark meeting area.

3. Jaguar

When you’re a brand as big as Jaguar, you don’t need fancy designs and garish branding.

For their XGLOO, Jaguar opted for a black and white theme which works superbly alongside the red car underneath. Simple designs like this keep the focus on what matters most.

4. My Gene Machine

To some people, step and repeat patterns seem like a graphic design cop out. They’re simple and not challenging to create; but despite this, they are perhaps the most effective design of all.

Step and repeat patterns take full advantage of available graphic space and often look elegant and stylish – just like the one above.

5. Sell My Livestock

Sell My Livestock have added a dynamic edge to their otherwise plain XGLOO display by incorporating bright pops of colour on the roof canopy and banner.

Not only does this break up the black matrix, it also ties in to the display stand underneath the tent for a uniform and consistent exhibition stand.

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