How to Assemble Your XGLOO Inflatable Event Tent

The X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is a large format display solution that provides unlimited bran promotion.

The X GLOO is based on the iconic shape of an igloo and is paired with reliable German engineering.

Every inch of an X GLOO inflatable advertising structure can be customised to suit your business – giving you maximum exposure with minimum effort.

Available in up to 8m x 8m, it might seem daunting when visualising how to build the tent.

Despite its large format size, the X GLOO can be effortlessly assembled in just ten minutes. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is:

Each X GLOO is weatherproof, making it the perfect solution for any outdoor event.

The graphics stay vibrant and sharp and the structure is designed for a lifetime of use.

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The XGLOO vs A Branded Gazebo

The XGLOO inflatable event tent might seem like a fancier version of a branded gazebo; and whilst the XGLOO and an outdoor gazebo both serve the same purpose – they are in fact two very different things.

Being so lightweight, the XGLOO can be transported between events and stored away much easier than a gazebo. This makes the XGLOO a much better option for businesses who frequently attend trade shows. 

Branded gazebos sold in the UK are usually made in the UK and therefore have a relatively short lead time.

Branded gazebos haven’t been majorly revamped or changed since they first entered the UK exhibition market – despite advances in technology and manufacturing. The thin metal frame on a gazebo makes it more susceptible to being blown away by winds any stronger than 18mph. This means there is a strong chance that unless it’s the height of summer, your gazebo won’t hold up at an outdoor event.

The XGLOO has a unique and highly durable anchoring system that allows it to withstand winds up to 37mph; making it more suited to events all year round.

Branded gazebos aren’t made for long term use, but the XGLOO is. You can take your XGLOO with you anywhere – from mountain peaks to desert islands. The same can’t be said for a flimsy gazebo.

Gazebo’s can’t be added to or modified, meaning what you see is what you get.

The X GLOO inflatable advertising structure has been engineered with adaptability in mind. The design is modular which means you can link multiple tents together effortlessly – allowing you to grow your display in line with your brand.

Overall, branded gazebos are great for a handful of uses in pleasant weather, but if you’re looking for a more permanent solution that will last you a lifetime, the XGLOO is worth the investment.

Where Can I Use My X GLOO?

It’s no secret that the X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is a global icon when it comes to durability and value for money; but have you ever wondered exactly what makes it so hardwearing and resilient?

It’s all down to ingenious engineering by the developers over at Skywalk – XGLOO’s parent company.

The team tested and refined the design of X GLOO using their knowledge of the paragliding and kitesurfing industry to create the world’s first fully weatherproof inflatable advertising structure.

Their continual development finally produced a tent that was ready for launch all over the world. What made X GLOO so popular was the fact it could indeed be used all over the world.

Don’t believe us? Look at the list below detailing where you can use your X GLOO inflatable tent:


X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents

Designed originally as an outdoor storage solution for paragliding and kitesurfing events, X GLOO was engineered with outdoor events in mind.

The unique block building system and nylon/polyester fabric blend are what makes X GLOO so durable.

With a wide range of anchoring solutions available, you can use X GLOO on almost any outdoor terrain.

Whether you’re exhibiting on a concrete slab in the hustle and bustle of a city or if you’ve got a large pitch on a grassy field, your X GLOO can be securely tied down with the appropriate anchoring system to remain stable and in place.

You can even take your X GLOO to the highest snowy peaks of Mount Everest or to the deepest depths of the Sahara Desert if that’s where your business is headed.

The XGLOO is expertly designed to stand tall on all terrains regardless of where in the world you are.


X-GLOO Corporate Event Tents

Just because the X GLOO was designed with the great outdoors in mind doesn’t mean that you can’t use it indoors too.

Use a water ballast or a tube ballast to keep your inflatable structure anchored down on indoor flooring; whether that’s hardwood laminate or soft, fluffy carpet.


X-GLOO 3x3 Event Tent With Side Walls

The wide range of terrains that the XGLOO display tent can be used on is a good indication of the weather it can withstand, but here’s a summary just in case:

The nylon/polyester blend fabric acts as a water repellent which makes X GLOO fully waterproof; even in the heaviest of rain.

The unique fabric and double-sealed seams also make X GLOO a good solution for exhibiting in snowy and icy conditions without incurring any damage.

The material used on X GLOO exhibition tents is UV resistant, so in the same way it can withstand sub-zero temperatures, the X GLOO can also square up to blistering heat in the hottest habitable climates.

To round it all off, your XGLOO will stand strong against gale force winds up to 60km/ph.

Whatever nature throws at you, the XGLOO inflatable advertising structure can match it.


Customised X-GLOO Inflatable Dome Tent

Now you know what types of terrain and weather your XGLOO can handle, it’s time to think about what types of events it might be suitable for. The short answer is everything (space permitting), but here are a few examples anyway: product launches, trade shows, business expos, festivals, fairs, sporting events, pop up shops, conventions…the list goes on and on!

For a marketing solution that will enhance your brand awareness, increase your industry influence and look good whilst doing do, invest in an X GLOO event tent. Not only will XGLOO market your business to a first-class quality; it will also provide practical shelter against adverse weather conditions whilst being equipped for a lifetime of use.

To find out more or to shop the range, visit our X GLOO Inflatable Structures page or call 01733 511030.

The History of X GLOO

X GLOO is known internationally as the original brand of inflatable event tents. Everyone in the event and exhibition industry knows the name X GLOO; it seems like it’s been around forever. However, it might come as a surprise to learn that XGLOO is only in its twelfth year of trading, making it a baby in comparison to other exhibition solutions.

Despite being in its infancy, X GLOO has made waves since its launch back in 2007 and has gone on to become a global leader in the corporate event industry. X GLOO is the original inflatable event tent and has inspired countless variations by different brands since its release.

X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent

The difference between the X GLOO and other types of inflatable exhibition tents is the quality. X GLOO is a branch of Skywalk, a company who specialise in aircraft manufacturing and are world leaders in the paragliding and kitesurfing industry. The people who developed X GLOO did so with exceptional prior knowledge on the most lightweight, durable and aerodynamic materials that would work for a tent thanks to their paragliding background which is yet another advantage XGLOO retains over its imitators.

X GLOO was never intended to be an international brand for events and exhibitions. It was originally designed as a training area, for storage and as a shelter for people at paragliding and kitesurfing events, but when the engineers realised how revolutionary it could be in corporate marketing, they took the XGLOO into the mainstream.

After a bit more tweaking and polishing, X GLOO was ready to make its debut. It was an instant hit. People just couldn’t get enough of it. Businesses everywhere wanted an X GLOO inflatable event tent for their next exhibition or event.

German engineering is renowned for being innovative and reliable, and the X GLOO is no different. Hailing from Germany with a team of talented developers behind it, X GLOO was always going to be a success.

The material is lightweight, assembly is effortless and the design is one that is both contemporary and functional. Based on the shape of an igloo, the tent is sturdy yet stylish and provides edge to edge marketing exposure for maximum brand impact.

X-GLOO 3x3 Inflatable Event Tent

The design was (and still is) so fresh and new that at the time of its launch, X GLOO won the Red Dot Design Award in 2008, just one year after its release.

X GLOO event tents aren’t just nice to look at; they are a feat of ingenious engineering and design. X GLOO is waterproof, fire retardant, UV resistant and can withstand high wind speeds, virtually any terrain type and all types of extreme weather. These qualities make this inflatable event tent the safest exhibition solution available.

The rapid growth of X GLOO has led to the brand acquiring 58 distribution partners worldwide; XL Displays being the main UK distributor. Other partners can be found in Japan, Chile, Australia, Finland, Canada and the United States, further demonstrating the worldwide impact XGLOO has had.

If you’re deciding whether an X GLOO is suitable for your business, maybe previous clients will help to sway your decision. Coca-Cola, Adidas, Reebok, Jaguar, Red Bull, Nike, Thule, GoPro and Landrover have all invested in X GLOO to promote their world-leading marketing campaigns.

The X GLOO range comprises of a comprehensive line of products. Designed to suit every brand and event, X GLOO has a variety of tents ranging in size from 3m x 3m through to 8m x 8m.

X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents Even Float on Water

Regardless of the size you choose, assembly remains easy and fast. Simply unpack the matrix and lay it flat on the floor. Inflate each section using the electric pump provided whilst ensuring that all air caps are fastened properly. Then, watch as the X GLOO inflates itself before your eyes with minimal effort from yourself.

You can customise your XGLOO using a range of accessories such as a canopy, a water barrel, an inflatable display wall or a double-sided tent wall. As an official distributor of X GLOO we stock the full range of tents and accessories, so whatever you choose, we can provide it.

If you’re looking for a marketing solution that can enhance your brand awareness, increase your industry influence and still look good, investing in an X GLOO event tent is your best option. Not only will it market your business; it will provide shelter against adverse weather conditions and provide you with years of use.

To find out more or to shop the range, visit our X GLOO page or call 01733 511030.

Why Choose an X-GLOO Event Tent?

Inflatable event tents are fast becoming a go-to outdoor display solution for lots of exhibitors around the world, but in a market saturated with choice, why should you choose the X-Gloo?

Price is often the make or break factor when it comes to businesses investing in a display – and because the X-Gloo isn’t the cheapest option, it often gets ruled out before it’s had a chance to showcase its potential.

Looking beyond cost, here are five reasons why you should choose the X-GLOO inflatable event tent as your next outdoor display:

The original inflatable event tent

That’s right; the XGLOO is the original of all the inflatable event tents. It’s been around much longer than most of its competitors and is a pioneering brand in terms of event tent design and technology.

For 12 years, X-GLOO has dominated the outdoor exhibition market; so much so that it has inspired countless copycats.

All of the igloo-shaped inflatable tents you see today took their inspiration from the X-GLOO. That being said, none of them have quite managed to replicate the style or functionality of the X-Gloo.

For the best and most reliable results, always stick to the original.

Completely customisable

Other inflatable event tents might let you add a branded canopy or some printed walls, but the X-GLOO is the only one to provide a customised frame.

You don’t need to stick to a plain tent matrix and legs; with the X-Gloo, you can brand it all.

Fits into a backpack

Say goodbye to bad backs, achy arms and multiple trips back to the car when setting up for an exhibition when you purchase an XGLOO.

The largest size XGLOO is 8m x 8m, but even with a whopping 64 sq/m of space, the large format outdoor display can still fit into a backpack.

Once deflated, each leg on the frame can be rolled up the centre and slotted into the provided rucksack with ease.

German engineering

If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s German engineering. From cars to event tents, the German’s do it best.

The X-Gloo was never designed as an exhibition solution – it was intended to be a training, storage and shelter area for people at paragliding and kitesurfing events.

Sure enough, the engineers quickly realised how effective the X-Gloo could be in corporate marketing and they took it into the mainstream.

From there on it has gone from strength to strength, but it has never lost its roots.

That original engineering has made the X-Gloo one of the sturdiest and most agile inflatable display solutions in the corporate event word.

Built to last a lifetime

Stemming from the engineering precision that went into designing the tent, the X-Gloo was never intended to be a single-use display.

This is a tent that is built to last.

Premium materials are sourced. Every tent is handmade to order. No corners are cut.

It is this attention to detail that bumps up the price, but it is also this attention to detail that guarantees the X-Gloo will last longer than any other inflatable event tent available.

When buying an XGLOO, rest assured that you’re buying a display that will last a lifetime.

If you would like to any more information about the X-Gloo or to enquire further about this revolutionary display, please call our sales team on 01733 511030.

Using the XGLOO to Generate Leads at an Exhibition

The autumn and winter exhibition season is one of the most lucrative times for a business to venture out and attend a corporate event.

As a whole, the UK events industry is worth £42.3bn and attracts over 85 million visitors per year. Of those attendees, 81% have buying power. That means four out of five people walking through the door are potential customers.

Despite this, 66% of trade show exhibitors say they are dissatisfied after exhibiting. The reasons for this vary, but 27% of people attribute it to their booth being overshadowed by their competitors.

If your booth is overshadowed, the likelihood is that the people walking through the door with money to spend won’t be coming to your booth – essentially meaning you stand to make a loss instead of a profit.

No matter how big the exhibition space you rent out; if your display doesn’t instantly captivate event attendees and harness their attention, you’ll never generate leads or turn a profit.

That being said, throwing thousands of pounds at an exhibition company to create a display won’t necessarily guarantee you traffic and increased sales either.

The key is to invest in a dynamic and diverse display that stands out from the rest, and the XGLOO inflatable event tent does just that.

When XGLOO first launched over a decade ago, there was nothing quite like it on the market. The iconic igloo shape and 100% customisable surface area made it revolutionary, and years later, it still is.

Amongst a sea of boxy build and burn stands with right-angle lines at every turn, the XGLOO is a breath of fresh air.

The curved dome and round legs are a curiosity to the wandering eye, and in a world where every brand is morphing into the next, such an aberration is welcomed by those with buying power looking for something new to invest in.

After all, no one ever stood out by being the same.

Granted, the XGLOO inflatable event tent won’t stand as tall as a 25ft custom made display stand, but the originality of the tent will do more for your brand than an overpriced, unsustainable exhibition stand ever could.

That’s not to say that the XGLOO tent isn’t big – you can choose from 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 or 8×8 – the latter of which offers an impressive 64sq/m of internal space. That’s more than enough room to park an SUV, set up a few chairs and entertain visitors.

Size is all but a number, though, compared to the weight of graphic and branding coverage. Revenue can be increased by as much as 23% when branding is consistent across all platforms. That means pulling through your logo, company colours and taglines onto your exhibition stand can go a long way to boosting your profits.

The good news is, the XGLOO is completely customisable. Every inch of the frame, canopy and walls can be printed with your company branding; allowing you to harness the full potential of consistent brand recognition.

There’s no need to panic about business rebrands because the canopy can be removed and replaced with a new one with updated branding on it.

There are an abundance of additional benefits to the XGLOO, including the durable and fire-rated PU fabric coating, easy assembly by one person in just minutes, supplied carry bag for exhibiting on the go and the fact it’s completely weatherproof.

If you would like to know more about the XGLOO inflatable event tent, please call us on 01733 511030.

Using an XGLOO Event Tent to Launch Your Brand

The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is one of the most versatile inflatable advertising structures in the world. The tent matrix is incredibly enduring and flexible, making it perfect for start-up companies who are looking to launch their business to the masses.

Most businesses become recognisable through branding, so by making your logo and company colours clear, people are more likely to associate those elements with your business and to remember who you are.

The XGLOO has a 100% customisable surface, making it perfect for launching an up and coming brand.

By adding a branded roof canopy, you are guaranteed to pique the interest of passers-by at any networking event or trade show.

The XGLOO comes a variety of large format sizes all the way from 3m x 3m to 8m x 8m. The enlarged surface area means the X GLOO is ideal for displaying different products inside or outside the tent, as well as acting as a meeting area to pitch your brand.

The XGLOO comes with an unlimited range of accessories designed to showcase your company in the best way possible.

To seclude your exhibition stand and further set it apart from your competitors, add some walls. Not only do the walls provide extra marketing space for extended branding, but they are available in a wide range of variations too.

For a truly bespoke exhibition stand, consider linking multiple X GLOO inflatable exhibition tents together with a linking tunnel. The tunnel is easily attached and allows you to link two or more X-GLOO’s together to create a more unique display stand.

By adding a light mount the inside centre of your X GLOO, you can effectively illuminate your exhibition stand and create an enticing glow that will you set apart from your competitors.

The light effortlessly attaches to the centre of the roof to provide an even distribution of light that will enhance your display and show people that you really pay attention to the small things and go out of your way to create a polished end product.

To find out more about the items in this article or what else we can offer you, please call us on 01733 511030.

How to Get the Most out of Your X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent

The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is one of the most versatile inflatable advertising structures in the world. The basic tent matrix itself is incredibly enduring and flexible, making it perfect for creating an impact at your next event.

Despite X GLOO’s impressive size and unrivalled marketing success, there are a few ways you can customise your tent to really make a statement.


Branded XGLOO Inflatable Event Tent
Branded XGLOO Inflatable Event Tent

The X-GLOO inflatable marquee is available branded or unbranded. If you really want to stand out amongst the crowd, we recommend investing in a branded tent matrix. Whether it’s matching a block colour to your company branding or designing unique artwork to wrap around the roof and the matrix; customising the structure of the X GLOO is a fool-proof way to ensure that your exhibition stand is the one that people notice first.


X-GLOO Event Tent Standard Walls
X-GLOO Event Tent Standard Walls

To seclude your exhibition stand and further set it apart from your competitors, add some walls. Not only do the walls provide extra marketing space for extended branding, but they are available in a wide range of variations too.

The entrance wall is available for X-GLOO tents sized 4×4 and above and allows you to secure off your stand when necessary thanks to the zip down the centre of the wall. This allows you to secure you tent overnight for events that span several days.

Like all walls, the entrance wall attaches to the tent with strong zips and is further anchored down by webbing loops which are neatly concealed for a cleaner appearance.

Each type of wall can be customised with your artwork or, alternatively, you can choose one of seven plain colours for the wall.

In addition, each wall is reversible.

We offer full side walls which help to shelter the inside of the tent from the weather, whilst providing an enhanced blank canvas for your graphic design.

The window wall is a great option if you still want to see what’s going on outside the tent, but you also want some extra branding. The lower half of the wall can be manufactured with your custom graphic design, whilst the top half is PU coated nylon that is equally as weatherproof and fire retardant as the lower half of the wall and the X-GLOO tent matrix.

The final type of wall we supply is a double-sided standard wall which enables you to have your branding on display on both sides of the tent.

Linking Tunnels

X GLOO Inflatable Tents with a Linking Tunnel
X GLOO Inflatable Tents with a Linking Tunnel

For a truly bespoke exhibition stand, consider linking multiple X GLOO inflatable exhibition tents together with a linking tunnel.

Like the walls, the linking tunnel is available for you to completely customise or in seven plain colours.

The tunnel is easily attached to the tents and allows you to link two or more X-GLOO’s together to create a larger display stand.

Roof Canopy

Branded Roof Canopy for X GLOO
Branded Roof Canopy for X GLOO

For X GLOO’s sized 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6, consider adding a roof canopy. The roof canopy can be custom printed or purchased in one of seven plain colours.

The benefit of adding a canopy is that not only does it extend your marketing space by 300%, but it also identifies the entrance to the tent.

Keeping your display stand organised and controlling footfall is essential for having a successful exhibition; and the roof canopy is a simple way to direct visitors and keep yourself organised.

The 4×4 X GLOO comes with a plain banner underneath the canopy as standard, but the 5×5 and 6×6 provide you with the opportunity to add your logo or branding on the canopy banner.


LED Lighting Kit for X GLOO
LED Lighting Kit for X GLOO

Event and exhibition halls can often be dim, and if you’re exhibiting outside, there’s no guarantee that the lighting will be any better.

By adding a light mount the inside your X GLOO, you can illuminate your exhibition stand and create an enticing glow that will you set apart from your competitors.

The light effortlessly attaches to the centre of the roof to provide an even distribution of light that will enhance your display.

You can choose from seven different mount colours to ensure that your light will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your tent, allowing you to maintain uniformity and consistency throughout your exhibition display stand.

To find out more about the items in this article or what else we can offer you, please call us on 01733 511030.

What Makes the X-GLOO a Premium Exhibition Display Solution?

The X-Gloo event tent is frequently referred to as the premium exhibition and display inflatable, but what exactly makes it so premium?

Curved Roof
The key to making any product the luxury option is space. The XGLOO has a curved, fabric roof. The rounded shape gives way to a high ceiling which, in turn, gives the illusion of more space (although that’s not so much an illusion as it is a reality given that the XGLOO comes in sizes up to 8m x 8m).

Whilst other inflatable event tents claim to be fully weatherproof, they weren’t designed in the way the XGLOO was. The XGLOO was intended to be a sports storage and congregation area – not an exhibition tent – and so the materials used on the display were suited to such. The benefit of that is a completely waterproof event tent thanks to the built-in zipper gutters, sealed seams and PU fabric coating.

Fire Retardant
In the same way the Xgloo is waterproof, it is fire resistant. The DIN 4102-1 and CPAI 84 safety ratings mean the XGLOO is certified UV resistant, flame retardant and suitable for outdoor use.

Other tents on the market are bulky and heavy, but not the XGLOO. The entire tent can fit into the specially designed backpack. There’s something about not having to lug a giant inflatable across an exhibition hall whilst incurring arm and backache that just feels premium.

No other inflatable event tent is modular; automatically making the XGLOO the number one choice. The refined zipper system allows you to easily attach and remove additional walls, canopies and linking tunnels to create a bespoke display solution tailored specifically to your brand and exhibition space.

The technology and innovation that has gone into developing the valves on the XGLOO are what makes it a cut above the rest. The red overpressure valves automatically open when the air bladders inside the legs are full, therefore easing the pressure on the user to know when to stop applying air. Not only this, the XGLOO has a sealed air system which eliminates the need for constant airflow throughout the duration of your event.

To find out more about why the XGLOO is a premium inflatable event tent and to see what else it can offer your brand, call our team on 01733 511030.

X-Gloo: The Brilliant Backpack-Bound Inflatable Event Tent

Tradeshow halls are heaving with people. Everywhere, exhibitors can be seen rushing to and fro, trying to desperately attach magnetic strips to stands and ensure that graphics are hung properly.

With an XGLOO inflatable event tent, you can walk past all the hustle and bustle to your allotted space, simply take off your X-Gloo backpack and begin your set up.

Within minutes the inflatable event tent can be fully inflated, guaranteeing all of the attention will be on you and your brand. You’re ready to go in a fraction of the time of your competitors.

People won’t just be looking because you’ve set up in minimal time; they’ll be looking because of the incredible event tent that has emerged out of nowhere.

“This is the well known effect that occurs among onlookers whenever an X-Gloo is set up,” says Director of Marketing at X-Gloo, Everhard Uphoff.

The award winning X-Gloo inflatable event tent isn’t just a looker, though. Made from quality materials, it is fire resistant, water proof and stable in high winds. In factm the X-Gloo can be relied upon in almost all weather conditions.

The X-Gloo is also completely customisable and brand-ready. “The outer walls can be designed according to the wishes of the client,” explains Uphoff. “From the lettering, all the way to almost any colour combination. High resolution digital printing, screen printing or sewn applications make practically anything possible.”

The X-Gloo inflatable event tent has been designed as a high-end tent that can be assembled for use within minutes. From the zippers to the side walls, everything has been designed with the users’ end experience in mind.

“It is our mission to make using the tent as pleasant as possible,” says Uphoff. “Individual client solutions are of the utmost important.”

X-Gloo tents are available in sizes ranging from 3×3 to 8×8 square metres – showcasing the extensive range of variability that’s available to the customer.

Customers can customise their tents with extra canopies, tunnels, lights, tables, walls and doors. Each X-Gloo event tent is unique, but what they all have in common  is the fact that at any event – indoor or outdoor – the X-Gloo will leave the competition in the dust.