X-GLOO Event Tents

Be Ready at Your Event in No Time With the X-Gloo Blow Up Tent

Imagine the scene: you’ve just arrived at your trade show, its outside and the sun is beating down, making everyone reach for their sun cream. Around you your competitor’s staff are rushing to and fro, trying desperately to construct their stands and at the same time avoid cultivating some disastrous pit stains.

Imagine, too, their surprise and jealously when, having just unpacked your X-Gloo from its handy rucksack or carry case, the blow up tent has been erected in under 15 minutes. Connecting the electric pump to the X-Gloo will enable the inflatable event tent to blow up in no time at all. As you stand back and, if so inclined, fetch an ice-cream or two, your X-Gloo blow up tent will inflate and reach its zenith.

Being able to use a blow up tent in no time at all means that you can spend that valuable extra time preparing for your crucial event or demonstration (all without the pit stains your competitors will surely have from their exertions!).

The electric pump can be an added accessory to all of the X-Gloo tents, no matter the size. Even the largest tent on offer, the 8×8, can blow up in as little as 35 minutes.

Even in the sweltering heat, too, you can relax under the shade of your X-Gloo. Once you blow up the tent it provides unrivalled factor 50 UV resistance – no need to lather yourself in suncream!

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