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X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents

The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is the perfect event solution for any business looking to maximise their brand potential and stand out. Suitable for use at indoor and outdoor events, the X-GLOO event tent is designed after the iconic igloo shape and offers limitless customisation and brand potential. Effortlessly inflated in just 5 minutes, the X-GLOO is […]

3 Unusual Ways to Use an XGLOO

It’s been noted on several occasions that the XGLOO is an extremely versatile inflatable event tent. The X-GLOO is most commonly used at sporting events, motor shows and music festivals; but there are a handful of other creative ways that you can use your XGLOO inflatable tent. 1. Cocktail Bar Going to a local community […]

Using an XGLOO Event Tent to Launch Your Brand

The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is one of the most versatile inflatable advertising structures in the world. The tent matrix is incredibly enduring and flexible, making it perfect for start-up companies who are looking to launch their business to the masses. Most businesses become recognisable through branding, so by making your logo and company colours […]

Why You Need an X GLOO for Your Next Networking Event

Networking is the most effective way to meet the people in your industry who matter. Face to face interaction is the most preferred method of communication when it comes to business; meaning that even though networking events have a reputation of a bit awkward, they’re worth their weight in salt. As with any other type […]