X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent With Canopy and Printed Banner

3 Unusual Ways to Use an XGLOO

It’s been noted on several occasions that the XGLOO is an extremely versatile inflatable event tent.

The X-GLOO is most commonly used at sporting events, motor shows and music festivals; but there are a handful of other creative ways that you can use your XGLOO inflatable tent.

1. Cocktail Bar

Going to a local community event? Perhaps you run a bar and want to showcase your range of drinks at a market or fair? If so, the XGLOO is ideal.

Available in five sizes and with optional canopies, walls and linking tunnels, the XGLOO can be fully branded with your company logo and colours.

There is ample space underneath the tent to house a minibar, and if you wanted something slightly comfier than standard metal seating, you could opt for the XGLOO inflatable furniture instead.

You can choose from a two-person sofa, chair, seat cushion or stool – all of which come complete with full-surface branded fabric covers.

2. Press Interview Tent

There is usually a plethora of press at sporting and motor shows, as well as at music events. Given how noisy these events can be, it’s always useful to have a separate area for journalists to interview people and prepare their radio or TV packages.

If you’re an independent press organisation, it might be worth your while investing in an XGLOO inflatable tent.

You can purchase three or four walls to maintain your branded presence as well as to provide privacy, and you can link multiple tents together using a linking tunnel for additional equipment storage.

3. Registration/Sign-In Tent

Sports and motor shows aren’t just about the talent on offer; it all begins with registering and signing in.

The X-GLOO is the perfect sign-in tent. It is spacious enough to accommodate tables and chairs, and the walls are ideal for blocking out wind whilst providing extra branding and coverage from all angles.

Plus, being so large, it is easy to be seen. The roof canopy can even be branded with notices like “entrance” to help direct footfall and keep things organised and running smoothly.

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